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A  Bit About Myself....


I'm a person who doesn't like to talk much about themselves, I grew up learning that "to go on about yourself" was a sign of insecure ego, that your merit was in how you lived your life and treated others.  I still believe this to be true, but also know people would like to know a bit about the person behind the work, so here I go! 

I've been living in my New Hampshire rural cozy house for over 20 years, a remarkable blessing indeed! "Back in the Day" when I was a child my family would sometimes move more than twice per year, which assured a naturally quite girl such as I would forever remain an outsider, but it also drove me to make strong connections with nature, animals, and spirit for which I will be forever grateful...such connections serve you faithfully no matter where you travel.   


I retired from my very demanding 25 year administrative job of designing office and court space for "The State" and managing their leases, back in October 2016... and haven't missed it for a moment!  I immediately delved into my original life goal and passion: drawing, painting, and creating illustrations of the things that bring most happiness into life.   My goal was to be an professional illustrator "back in the day" of grade and high school so I practiced constantly, entered and won many art competitions, and even received my "Fine Arts" degree from U Mass Amherst, but life demanded I earn a livable wage so my professional career took the path of commercial interior design and interior space planning instead.  Those years were by no means without creative merit and challenge ... but I missed the soul connection I feel when illustrating and painting.  

I'm now privalaged to spend my days drawing and painting, enjoying the company of my dogs and horse, and spending evenings having a glass of wine with my long-time life partner Don.  I love coming up with ideas for new paintings or illustrations and then watching them come to life.  My water color work is done using high quality watercolor (tube paint) on heavy duty acid free cold pressed paper, resulting in vibrant, light fast colors on stable (I hate wrinkled paper!) surface, meaning each painting will last many lifetimes.  I occasionally feel the urge to play with oils because the paint texture is so fun; at such times I use my water-based oil paints (no turpentine smell and easy clean up) typically on small format wood plaques.  I've fallen in love with the challenge of working around the wood grain and creating a paitning that is very "approchable" to most people, for buying and displaying a wood plaque can be easier than finding just the right wall space for large painting.

Prior to the Covid epidemic I showed and sold my work in various galleries and jurored shows, but with with the advent of a new reality we must all change with the times...and so my website is born...remote sharing and selling being the happiest, healthiest way to go.  I'm also in the process of creatiing an illustrated story book of my many happy adventures hiking and living with my dogs, and until I pull all the pieces together I will post new page on my "blog" page as a preview.  

I hope you enjoy looking through my site, and maybe reading some stories, if you decide to purchase something I will tend to your order immediately and send it securely packaged to assure it reaches you in perfect shape.   Thank you so much for visiting!

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