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Welcome to my website! I love painting images of my true and enduring love of mother nature (yes I've done a painting of her too)  and all her wonderous creatures.  I'm an unabashed "earth person" and have always been so, blessed to live out in the countryside of mid New Hampshire, spending my time wandering the landscape with my beloved dogs, and every now and then (when HE feels like it) I ride my horse along our glorious trails.  I hope my paintings and illustrations bring you some smiles and happiness for that's their purpose, bringing some "happy" and sense of connection back into this lovely world that sometimes seems soooo overwhelmed with discord and negativity.   Please take some time to scroll through and enjoy my site,  and if you should decide you want to buy something, I'll be delighted to sell it to you and send it (safely packaged) as quickly as I can.  You might also enjoy my "blog" page; I'm not one to "go on" about myself so its my intention to mostly use the page to post some of the fun illustrated stories I have to share.  Most of my stories are autobiographical, a retelling of my adventures with the delightful fur souls I have shared life with, while others are stories other folks have shared from their adventures.   Someday I hope to compile and publish a book of stories, but until then, Ill share them here with you. 

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